Here’s a comic I did a while ago for the awesome “RRUFFURR” folks. 

Look at these wacky animal dorks.

You can actually help support me and the other artists financially if you’re a wonderful human being by hitting up this link here and purchasing the PDF copy!


wild days
rough times




I’m hopeful in opening up commissions because I have a very dear friend of mine who is in need. She is a wonderfully smart and talented girl from Uganda who has helped me in ways I cannot repay her. She was supposed to go to med school (she even made it in!) but for reasons involving her visa, she was unable to go. Now her work visa has expired and she has no way to work, let alone make ends meet. The only reason she is still here is because she managed to get enough money to enroll as a student in a community college so that she can remain as a student. In addition, her father is in the hospital after a major accident and her brother has not been able to come home.  Whatever money I can make here, even if it is just a little I want to be able to give to her. If you guys can help me get her through the week or pay her phone bill for the month, that I would be more than grateful!


image**additional of anything is half the price of the original o//


  • I’m open to drawing pretty much anything!
  • There are a few things that I am not comfortable with drawing:
    extremely muscular characters, anthros, nsfw, pairings with anime characters).
  • If you request something that is not listed but I am uncomfortable with I will let you know ; q ; 

My strengths lie in drawing bishies, dynamic poses, details, and I will draw mechs (example linked). I am the quickest at doing lineart and monochromatic colors! Fullbody obviously will take me much longer. 


  • I will start on the commission after I receive payment. If you would like, I will send you a WIP of your commission, so feel free to ask me or give your input!
  • If you are interested please email me at with the following:

(Email title should be, ‘Commission’) 
Type of Commission: (Lineart, Knee up, Waist up, etc)
Characters & Various references: (If there are additional characters please add relationship between the characters so that I can draw them correctly!)
Additional Info or questions:

When I’ve confirmed everything, I will reply and give you my friend’s paypal email! Thank you so much for your time and consideration. If you cannot buy from me, please please PLEASE reblog or signal boost! It would mean the world to me and my friend O)-«< THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Very much obligated to signal boost this because Babs is very close and dear friend of mine, and her artwork is absolutely stunning. DEFINITELY SHOULD COMMISSION HER BECAUSE SHE USUALLY NEVER DOES THIS and trust me, you’ll be missing out if you skip out on this chance!!

Bloodflood (Acoustic) | alt-J (∆)


Bloodflood (Acoustic) by alt-J (∆)


my kitten says hello


Dear Anon who asked about ‘human makara family’: I have thought about them. In numerous ways and styles. And you didn’t specify WHICH human makara family so i will just drop this one. *swims away in to the ether of the internet*



i always think “if people want to talk to me they will” which is my reasoning for never really starting conversations so i’m permanently thinking no one wants to talk but what if they’re sat there thinking the same and it’s just this cycle of silence that never gets broken because i’m too stubborn to just put myself out there 


snails are weird

I put one in with my betta and it’s just

it’s weird

okamiko whispered: Ahhhhh you read Gangsta ;o; I started reading it because a friend recommended it

I do! ; w;

I really like it a lot, it has basically all of my favourite things in any manga

Omfg I started reading it earlier and now I need a twilight oc like whoa

more like I have a character who is basically like that in his own way bUT